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Im an 21 years old developer

There is not much to say about me.

I am a "Gamer" since im 3 years old, everything started with an Nintendo 64 and since then, my interest in Gaming/PC's started growing.

My "developer carrier" started in 2010 with the scripting-language: AutoIt. At first I've done simple software with it but after a while I was able to develop things like Gaming Bot's.

Then somewhere in 2013/2014 I started with the language: C# and I instantly fall in love with it. For a big amount of time I mostly used C# for developing and done things like: Voice Recognition Software, En/Decrypter, Lyrics Manager, Web API Wrapper, and many gaming related things: Memory Editing etc.

Since 2016 i've started working. There I am learning all Web-Languages. I would say that I'm now primary a web-developer, i only use C# for fun when doing something with the Unity Engine.

On this site i will mainly post some stuff i made.

This includes some opensource projects im currently working on as well as some not so useful things :D